Pastors / Clergy

Are you a teacher, administrator, personnel manager, pre/post marital counselor, painter, plumber, spiritual shepherd of the flock and/or building God has lent you, a spouse, a parent, choir member, worship leader, children’s church double-dipper teacher, a small group leader, an overseer and mentor of associate pastors, the cook at the men’s breakfast, a prayer warrior, and going on 3 missions trips a year? Or are you a bit of all of the above and more? Or are you just exhausted and desperate to be the best child of God that you can be?  

Oops – we forgot that you are supposed to have all of the answers for the congregant who loves Jesus but just cant stop drinking, shooting dope, being consumed in pornography and adultery, the eating disorder young woman, the rape and incest survivor, the child molester, the compulsive gambler and his massive amount of debt and about to lose his home, or the enabling family member of any of the above life threatening symptoms. And aren’t you supposed to have a recovery group at your facility (whatever a recovery group is and what do those weird people do)?  

You can drop your shoulders and breathe now.  Clean and Sober in Christ Recovery Network (CSC) is here in the name of Jesus to help you and your spiritual family.  You will have at your fingertips the following resources, as well as people who understand these issues:     

  • A meeting directory of local and Bay Area wide Christ-centered recovery meetings where you can refer your congregants. Considering that recovery issues are very shame based, you could easily refer a person to one of the listed groups.  Especially great for aftercare for graduates from a recovery program.
  • A Christ-centered recovery counseling directory to help the addicted with ‘outside issues’.
  • A network for Christ-centered recovery group leaders to share experience and resources to keep them going.
  • Answers to the question of, “Is a recovery program right for my congregation?”  

Most leaders of Christ-centered recovery groups did not get there for singing too loud in church!  God has blessed us with our experience as our strongest asset both before and after we began our journey in recovery.  We exist to help and point those afflicted in both secular and Christian recovery to the resurrection power of Christ and His life that guides us on a daily basis.  

If you want to talk about a program for your building or have any related questions please contact: I will help or refer you to someone who can help you in your local area.

Read the testimony from the Senior Pastor at Abundant Life Assemblies of God in Cupertino, CA. Our group has met there for 18 of our 25 years of existence.