Please read a letter from a pastor with 30 years experience in the Bay Area, and see that CSC wants to bring you the same tools

Fellow Ministers,

Since 1985 I have served the Lord in Cupertino California. It has been a wonderful 29 years. Among the things I have learned, there is one that stands out among them; You can’t do ministry alone!! I learned very quickly that I don’t have all the gifts and talents to adequately meet the needs of all the different people that we meet every week. Yet, I have a passion to help them all. So, if I’m going to succeed I need to partner with ministries that can do what I cannot do. This is why Joy of the Lord Ministries is so vital to our services at Abundant Life.

I met Don Zonic almost twenty years ago and I am so thankful to God that I did. Don’s unique story allows him to touch people that I could never reach, but Joy of the Lord is so much more than Don. It’s the healing and redeeming power of God through His Word that continues to touch lives every single week. The presence of JOTL on our campus for over seventeen years now has been such a life and time saver for me. We often have people who approach me with their lives wrapped tight in all kinds of addictive behaviors.  I can pray for them and offer some counsel, but I don’t have the knowledge, experience or understanding to take them much further. I remember feeling so broken inside knowing a person did not really get all they needed simply because we weren’t equipped to help them. JOTL has solved that problem for me.

I regularly refer people to JOTL and have had wonderful results. Being that they are a part of our ministry now, Joy of the Lord has amplified what we can do for people who come to the church. I now look forward to the addicted and broken coming to my church because I know we have a proven program filled with compassionate and knowledgeable people that can help.  If you have any questions about the benefits that a Christ-centered recovery meeting (or the Clean and Sober in Christ Recovery Network) can bring to your congregation, please contact me.

 Greg Wendschlag


Senior Pastor, Abundant Life Assembly of God