Welcome Independent Recovery Group Leaders!

Welcome to CSC Recovery Network! You have become an important part of connecting Christ Centered Recovery!

The directories primary mission is to keep all Christ Centered Recovery Groups connected and thriving. More than that we desire to be a lifeline for Christ Centered Recovery Group leaders. We have experienced the need for the pastoral and professional need to connect with the men and women on the front lines of recovery. Pastors may be seeking counsel on starting a recovery meeting and professionals may be seeking to reach out to meeting leaders to direct patients for ‘aftercare.’ There are many needs in our community and we will work hard to provide you with opportunities to share the gospel, recovery and grow community.

Again, thank you for being a part of the mission!

Register Your Group

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The Benefits Include:

  • Being connected, both vertically AND horizontally
  • Participation at events like the CSC-RN Recovery Leadership Summit 2016
  • Sharing resources (e.g., speakers with long term sobriety, worship leaders, etc…)
  • Meeting quarterly or bi-annually to share “what’s working – what’s not” and solutions

Group leader or any other questions can be directed to Don Z. who is currently the Director of CSC. His email is: director@cscrecoverynetwork.com.

Lastly, my dear siblings in Christ, can we remember that we are on the ground floor level of an eternal and divinely appointed journey in Christ-centered recovery. The Lord is doing a tremendous thing in secular 12 step recovery and the need is there for Christ’s ambassadors to be standing at the door to the infinite love and grace of Jesus. Most of us have very special skill set to help us move forward!


Download the brochure below. This brochure contains promotional material to assist you in promoting your outreach.

CSC Brochure