Welcome Independent Recovery Group Leaders!

We are excited to have you as a member in the CSC Recovery Network. We believe this mission will bring our recovery community closer together, strengthen our collective organization, and advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Some veterans of Bay Area Christ-centered recovery may remember a directory type website from 2001 called the Christian Recovery Network (CRN).  Our hope is that CSC will be much more than that meeting directory was and grow into a useful tool for the body of Christ.

We are on mission to create meaningful and lasting connections between Christ-centered recovery groups. The directory will help the individual find your Christ-centered meeting which helps support the idea of a connected community. CSC Recovery Network is working toward equipping current meeting leadership with the connections necessary to help our community grow. We have experienced the need for the pastoral and professional need to connect with the men and women on the front lines of recovery. Pastors may be seeking counsel on starting a recovery meeting and professionals may be seeking to reach out to meeting leaders to direct patients for ‘aftercare.’ There are many needs in our community and we will work hard to provide you with opportunities to share the gospel, recovery and grow community.

You have our sincere thankfulness for reviewing our site, and completing the membership application form. We strive to keep this service free of charge to our participants, and look forward to seeing Christ-centered recovery thrive. This is a beautiful beginning to our relationship on this mission to expand Christ’s Good News, advance the Gospel, and saving lost men and women that find themselves in recovery and are desperate for truth.

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Regional Coordinators are the individual group leaders in a specific geographic area

They have responded to the calling of making sure other individual group leaders are aware of and understand the benefits of The Clean And Sober in Christ Recovery Network.

The Benefits Include:

  • Being connected, both vertically AND horizontally
  • Participation at events like the CSC-RN Recovery Leadership Summit 2016
  • Sharing resources (e.g., speakers with long term sobriety, worship leaders, etc…)
  • Meeting quarterly or bi-annually to share “what’s working – what’s not” and solutions

Clean and Sober in Christ (CSC) Recovery Network Regional Coordinator (RC) Guidelines (v.041516)

Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.Therefore as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Galatians 6: 9&10

Thank you so much for your interest in Christ-centered recovery, and in particular being a Regional Coordinator (RC) within CSC. One of the main goals in any Christian entity is to see Christ’s body come together in an edifying and uplifting way. We hope you can help to facilitate this within the region that your ‘home’ Christ-centered recovery meeting is in. Keeping it simple is always best, and the following are some suggestions to help you get started.

  1.  Can you periodically (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) send out an invite to the group leaders within your CSC region and arrange a get together? It will probably take a bit of coordination via email or texts to coordinate a location and date/time, but the hope is the benefits will far outweigh your efforts in getting the family together. We are very familiar with the need for group leaders to be refreshed and understand that they are not being about the Father’s business solo. We have so much in common, so let’s get together and share!
  2. We of CSC have no desire on how often you meet, or what your topics for discussion are in your regional get togethers, we really want you to simply get together in the name of Jesus and share. We can offer help in facilitating your get togethers. We hope to be able to share some of the bigger picture that CSC has for our Bay Area wide community in recovery, and would love to visit with you and those in your region to share what the Lord is doing in the hearts of leadership of CSC, and throughout CSC. If you want one of us to come by please let us know when you plan on getting together and we will have somebody come and visit.
  3. Our meeting directory is broken up into 7 regions within the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We may periodically bring the group leaders from all of the 7 regions together, in a way similar to what you are doing in your individual regions. We would ask you to help us out by making the group leaders aware of the activity that CSC is putting together. We’d like to ask for your participation to contact those within your region to ensure that they are aware of the activity. We rely on the RC to be that go-to help within your region.

We are here to help!

Questions you have about your RC position can be directly answered by the CSC RC, currently ED J. whose email is: edjregionsupport@cscrecoverynetwork.com.

Group leader or any other questions can be directed to Don Z. who is currently the Director of CSC. His email is: director@cscrecoverynetwork.com.

Lastly, my dear siblings in Christ, can we remember that we are on the ground floor level of an eternal and divinely appointed journey in Christ-centered recovery. The Lord is doing a tremendous thing in secular 12 step recovery and the need is there for Christ’s ambassadors to be standing at the door to the infinite love and grace of Jesus. Most of us have very special skill set to help us move forward!


Download the brochure below. This brochure contains promotional material to assist you in promoting your outreach.

CSC Brochure