Friday, May 29, 7-8 PM: “Crisis in God’s Word” (How was it overcome)
Speaker: Andy Burnham, Music by Tom Schramm
Saturday, May 30:
10-11 AM: “Crisis in Sobriety” (How do we stay sober)
 Speaker: Dave Thorne, Music Tom by Schramm
11:15 AM-12 PM: Optional Breakout Groups
7-8 PM: “God’s Purpose in Crisis” (What is God doing?
 Speaker: Bruce Maez, Music by Johnny Maussen
8:15pm-9:15 PM: AA meeting  Rick Dyer, Secretary
Sunday, May 3:
 9-10:30 AM: “Victory Over Crisis” (How can I make a difference?)
Speaker: Julie Chin, Music by Johnny Maussen. Includes Communion and Sharing Time (Please have crackers and juice available)
Interested Participants (PLEASE NOTE):
YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE RETREAT, IN ORDER TO RECEIVE THE NECESSARY CODES TO ACCESS ZOOM. If you do not wish to be on the video format you will be able to join by cell phone for the audio portion.  You will still be able to participate in any interactive groups.
To register – email your invitation request.  All that we need is your email address and your name.
The email for registration is  wcoyote2012@gmail.com
If you have friends or relatives in recovery please make them aware of this opportunity to learn and worship together.
Your brother in Christ,

Bruce Maez
Recovery Ministry Director
Peninsula Bible Church

(408) 219-9111

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