Our purpose is to be a tool that the Spirit of God can use to link His ‘recovery’ family together.  One objective is to populate a Christ-centered meeting directory within geographical regions of the greater San Francisco Bay Area. We also are compiling professional and not for profit Christian resources that specialize in helping the addicted.  The hope is to be helpful to the pastoral community, meeting seekers and others unfamiliar with available Christian recovery resources.  Please contact us if we can help in any way.

Our core values at CSC Recovery Network are:




To the individual in recovery:

CSC Recovery Network strives to give you an easy to use meeting directory that makes all Bay Area Christ-centered recovery meetings visible and accessible to you.

Recovery Group Leaders:

Have you ever had the thought that, “We are so anonymous that we can’t find each other?” CSC Recovery Network hopes that by adding your meeting to the directory the individual in recovery seeking a meeting will be able to find your group. The meeting application is on the group leader page, along with some information specific to you as a group leader of a Christ-centered recovery meeting.

To the Clergy:

CSC Recovery Network would like to introduce you to the many who labor anonymously (or within their congregations) in the recovery arena via the meeting directory. This website also contains various professional and not for profit recovery resources. The leadership we have partnered with has a desire to help assist you in assisting congregants or recently rehabilitated sufferers into a community of aftercare. We welcome your contact if you are considering a recovery meeting for your congregation. We have 25 years experience in this field and can help you decide what is best for your church. You can read Pastor Greg Wendschlag’s thoughts here.

At your fingertips will be accessibility to a network of Christian church leadership to assist you in referrals for congregants, or to help you determine if a Christ-centered recovery meeting is appropriate for your body.